Estate planning Estate planning is a review of your assets and family circumstances and development of a plan and documentation to carry out your wishes and help your family avoid unnecessary expenses, complications or delays. You want to assure the right person is handling your affairs when you die and that assets go to the appropriate family members or charities. You want to be sure a disabled child or grandchild received the benefits of an inheritance without a negative impact on their public health benefits. All of these can be accomplished by a well-drafted will or trust.

You want to be sure that if your become incapacitated your assets are handled properly. This can be done through the use of a well-drafted financial power of attorney. You want to be sure if you become incapacitated that your health care decisions are made consistent with your own values and your end of life care is done in accordance with your own wishes and values. This can be done with a well-drafted medical power of attorney and living will.